Frequently (as well as only sometimes) asked questions
  1. a) Contact me by email (hazel@wellgreen.net) and tell me what you need, or
  2. b) Request a 15 minute Zoom call and we can discuss it, or
  3. c) Fill in the form at the foot of this page giving me the details and email/send it to me.

I enjoy copy-editing non-native English, i.e. copy written by someone for whom English is not their first language. Sometimes, but not always, it can be quite convoluted and it’s a bit like detective work to untangle and find the meaning in it. I like helping with that.

I also like editing management or marketing texts because some writers feel these ought to be full of terminology and jargon to impress but that actually makes it more difficult to read and also to understand. I enjoy weeding out the jargon and suggesting simpler alternatives.

I don’t do what is known as STM (Scientific, Technical or Medical) as they tend to be, em, scientific, technical or medical – and I’m not!

This, again, depends on the word count, the deadline and factors such as the target readership. An academic thesis will take longer to edit because it will be written in an academic style (big words, big concepts). Each job tends to be different and so does the price.  My prices can range from £50 to £1000.

If my quote is acceptable, I will send a brief agreement for you to sign, so that we have something in writing. I ask for 30% of the cost up front so that I can continue to eat and then I will send you an invoice for the balance once you have got your edited work back and you are happy with it.


 It depends on the word count, the type of book, the standard of writing (have you read it all the way through and corrected obvious mistakes?), the deadline (needing it done by yesterday costs more), and any other special factors. Examples of recent editing jobs are:  A 1544-word introduction for an essay took 3 hours; A 46,000-word memoir took 22 hours; a 9179-word chapter in a business book took 5 hours.

No, the best way for me to give you a quote is if you send me a sample – say 1000 words, taken from the middle of your work, as a Word document. I’ll do a timed edit of that and then do the sums.

  1. What is your work (book/article/business writing/thesis or essay/creative writing/something else)?
  2. What is it about and who is your target readership?
  3. How many words are in it? (You can find the number of words at the foot of your Word page.) I’ll quote you on the basis of how many words there are and how long it will take me to edit it. Are you restricted to the number of words you can use? (sometimes, if it’s a thesis or an essay, you may have been told how much you should write.) If it’s longer than the limit I can (probably) reduce the length.
  4. Is there a deadline? Sometimes I can edit your work right away but at other times I’ll be busy on another client’s work.
  5. Are you a native English speaker? Editing non-native-English can take longer and cost a little more – but I love doing it!


Other questions?

If there’s anything else you would like to know email me at hazel@wellgreen.net

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