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How much is it costing you

to have your proposal rejected because of a spelling mistake?

As a small business owner, you are very good at what you do because you’ve built up the necessary knowledge and skills over the years.

But when it comes to ‘formal’ writing – say, a proposal for a customer, an application for a job, dealing with the bank, taking notes at a meeting or communicating with colleagues about  performance reviews, working fewer hours or new safety rules, do you, all of a sudden, feel on shaky ground?

Are you unsure – or even embarrassed – about your writing ability?

If you have forgotten all the grammar and most of the spelling you learned or failed to learn at school, you could be in danger of appearing uneducated – or stupid. You don’t want your proposal to be turned down because of two spelling mistakes in the first sentence – and this can happen.

Whoever is reading your proposal may spot these errors and think, ‘Umm, not much attention to detail, are they going to handle work for us like that? A prospective employer is much more likely to  pick the applicant with the good writing skills and correct spelling.

If you find any kind of writing challenging and nerve-racking, I can help.

I run a small business myself and in these challenging times, I want to help people who find formal writing difficult but don’t want to miss opportunities, lose good customers or an interview for a  career-forming job.


My fast-track service

So, don’t struggle for hours with what you need to write. Send me what you have written in, or attached to, an email and I’ll go through it and correct anything that’s not quite right. If it’s not very long I should be able to turn it round fairly quickly and get it back to you – and no one need ever know. Then you can relax and anticipate a positive response from your customer, bank or the person offering a job. 

Hazel Reid

A trusted adviser in your back pocket

 All you’re doing is getting some professional help for something you find difficult. You’ve probably got an accountant who you depend on to handle your finances and tax returns. Well, I’m just a different kind of adviser who can help you to correct and polish what you write. And when it comes to confidentiality and security I will keep your business to myself. I have edited sensitive information for countless companies and individuals – I know when to keep my mouth shut!   


What would that cost?

As with my other editing services, it depends on how many words there are and how long it will take me to edit it. But the price range would probably be something between £50 and £100. And if you’d like me to help you regularly with that kind of editing I have a package available where we can agree an average cost and I can invoice you once a month.

Does it have to be business writing?

No, you don’t have to be running a small business to access this service. Any kind of writing that you want to check, to make sure it is grammatically correct and the spelling and punctuation is accurate, will qualify. This could be creative fiction, a PhD thesis (humanities) a response to a complaint or a talk you’re going to give.


Many thanks for this! I'm mightily impressed at how interesting you've made the copy - I had no idea how to go about it!
John Cooper

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