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It would not have been possible to put this thesis together without your patience and your meticulous way of going through the pages with a fine-tooth comb, untangling all the winding, convoluted language, in order that my words would make sense
Ismail Khairul, PhD thesis
Non-native English speaker

Hello and Welcome!  You’ve found your way through the clouds obscuring your path and you’ve reached my website. I hope I can offer some help if you’re feeling a bit lost and frazzled.

I’m Hazel Reid and I’m an editor, proofreader and business writer. I’ve been an editor for a long time, helping people make sure that the words they have written actually mean what they want them to say, that they work together and that spelling and grammar are correct.

Do you wish you had listened properly at school?

For many people, writing is a struggle. Texting is a quick way to communicate and no one minds if there’s a word missing or the helpful mnemonic ‘i before e, except after c’ hasn’t stuck around in  your head. But if you are trying to run a business, large or small, you need to communicate in a professional way and make a good impression.

People don’t realise that a poorly written or spelled letter or leaflet can often have a detrimental effect. The reader will subconsciously think ‘well, they’re not much good at writing – how professional is their business?’

I can help you with that. I edit books, e-books, reports, brochures, proposals and marketing material. I can check  applications for grants, jobs or education.  If you just want a quick ‘health check’ to make sure what you have written is accurate, my Fast-track edit service could just save you from having egg on your face.

Why you need to get your work edited

Have you written a book and would you like someone to edit it? Be warned, editing is not a speedy process. It needs patience and concentration. I edit non-fiction, memoirs, history, marketing, general business and self-help titles.

You may think that you don’t really need an editor. You’ve read and re-read your book so many times, corrected all the mistakes, rewritten parts here and there and, well, you think it’s fine. But there comes a point when you stop seeing the words: you know what comes next and you start to see what you want to see rather than what’s actually there – or not.

It’s amazing what someone else, who is trained to spot errors, will find in your book. It could be a glaring spelling mistake, a word repeated over and over in just a few lines, inconsistencies in how you capitalise nouns or the wrong choice of two very similar words. I love looking for things like that!  But I’ll also tell you if I’m thinking – ‘I wouldn’t have put it quite like that’ or ‘that doesn’t actually make sense’.

Click on this link to see the types of editing I do or give me a call if you’d like to discuss your book.


Hi, I’m Hazel Reid

Editing a PhD thesis, written in appalling English by a Far Eastern student, was a revelation.

I loved it!

Hunting for meaning, correcting spelling and grammar, searching the Thesaurus for alternative words. I was good at it and he was so grateful. Now I help non-fiction authors, CEOs who’ve written a memoir, entrepreneurs who’ve forgotten grammar and small business owners who skipped English lessons at school, to make their writing the best it can be.

Find out more about me here.

"Out of all the freelance support I use, Hazel Reid is by far one of the most professional and dedicated editors and project managers available. She always sticks to the brief and will go the extra mile when required."
Alan MacAskill
Publishing Director, Editions Editing, proofreading and project management in financial services, management and HR titles.

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When reading posts, blogs and website content online, it’s obvious that people struggle to
remember when to include an apostrophe in a word or which version of two similar-sounding words to use.
It may be because you didn’t listen properly at school but
it could also be because you weren’t taught grammar and spelling at school – so it is not your fault.

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  • No dog's allowed (dogs vs dog's)
  • It's simple (it's vs its)
  • What about the other Its? (it's vs its from the other end)
  • What is the effect? (effect vs affect)
  • Where? Their. (their vs there vs they're)
  • Permission to speak (aloud vs allowed)
  • Ice or eyes? (advice vs advise)
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